Mike R.S.

Mike Ruiz-Serra is a New York based designer and fabricator born in 1997.



Collection 1

Collection 1 (previously titled PULP) started as an exploration into the structural characteristics of paper pulp reinforced gypsum. It now exists as a series of open editions that are manufactured using a mixture of molded gypsum and/or manual layups over inflatable molds. All pieces in this collection are finished with soap wax, a non-toxic and natural finish. This gives the gypsum a slight sheen.

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Materials: Gypsum, Soap wax


Prototypes is a selection of notable one-off projects, custom commissions, and pre-production pieces made by Mike R.S. These works are made from a variety of materials and are often experimental in nature. The availability of the Prototypes Collection ranges from piece to piece. If you’re interested in commissioning something custom, or something similar to what you see here feel free to reach out.

Materials: Mixed, Experimental