Spiral Knob Spiral Knob

Spiral Knob



The original finish of the iron may wear and oxidize over time to reveal a distinctive patina. If preferred, use a quality metal wax to restore a consistent black finish. Re-waxing will need to be done more frequently in if installed in damp environments such as BATHROOMS OR KITCHENS.

This medium size pull can be used on a wide array of cabinetry projects. The form was hand sculpted by Mike Ruiz Serra in his NYC studio and then sand cast in iron. This piece is finished with a black oxide solution and wax. 

Serra Hardware products are characterized by their crude texture and irregular forms. Both traits are not typically associated with cast iron products. Mike forgoes many of the conventional stages of product development and pattern making for cast iron in favor of working more intuitively. During the prototyping phase, the designs are simply sculpted in clay, then glued to a matchplate ready to be cast. When necessary, 3D printed armatures are used to ensure all the mounting points and drilling holes are in the right places. This process allows for quick product development and lends itself nicely to a wide array of custom projects. Most importantly, the process is relatively care-free and fun, which ultimately shines through in the finished products.

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